Carbon is the basic building block of all life, and so has strong ties to the transitory world of growth and decay. When arranged in a unique lattice structure, however, carbon becomes one of the hardest materials known to man and a symbol of the eternal – diamond.
Diamond has very few impurities and a brilliance nearly unmatched in any other gemstone. High optical dispersion give diamond its iconic luster, which can be highly amplified through precision cuts by master jewelers (which typically have to be made using diamond blades).
Formed up to 200 kilometers beneath the earth’s surface, diamonds can take billions of years to fully grow, and are brought close to the surface through volcanic eruptions. Diamond’s name comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “unbreakable,” and its place as one of the hardest materials known to man has long been celebrated and has made diamonds a symbol of commitment and undying love.
Today, lasers can remove even the smallest of imperfections in the crystal structure, and high pressure treatments can improve coloring. Cutting techniques are constantly evolving to bring out maximum shine and luster from these beautiful gemstones.
Diamond is the birthstone of April