October Birthstone – Tourmaline

The traditional birthstone for October is tourmaline, one of the most colorful gems. Ancient Egyptians thought that tourmaline, on its long journey up from the earth’s core, crossed through rainbow and gained all its extraordinary colors. While this may be somewhat inaccurate scientifically, it’s a tempting explanation to why this gem comes in so many stunning varieties and hues.
Thought to bring visions and creativity, tourmaline has been referred to as the “muse’s stone.” Pink tourmaline is most often regarded as the true birthstone of this month.
The modern birthstone for October is opal. Opal has a unique coloring reminiscent of neon flames or perhaps a brilliant sunset in the Australia, where more than 95 percent of opal is found. Containing hues from many other gemstones, opal contains small spheres of silica that refract light in a unique and mesmerizing play of colors.
Opal’s unique appearance led to the birth of its own adjective to help describe its fantastic interplay of color – opalescence. These intense colors flash as the gemstone is rotated or viewed from varying angles.