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40% Off Rhodium Plating in August

Curious what your yellow gold jewelry would look like as white gold?  Let us rhodium plate it.  Change your mind?  The process is reversible.

This month, save 40% on rhodium plating at Gold Definitions. Rhodium plating makes your yellow gold jewelry look whiter, brighter and sparkle brilliantly. Try it and save 40% today!  Rhodium plating also keeps white gold from losing its shine.

Rhodium is part of the platinum group of metals.  It is extremely hard, silvery in color and highly reflective.  It doesn’t corrode or react with most chemicals and that makes it especially good for plating.

Rhodium plating is done using electrolysis; covering one metal surface with a thin layer of another. Your jewelry is dipped in a solution containing Rhodium and then an electric current is added.  The tiny particles of Rhodium instantly bond to the surface of you jewelry and the result is a very bright and shiny piece.

Rhodium plating makes jewelry look whiter, brighter and sparkle brilliantly.  In addition to making your jewelry "pop” it also helps to resist tarnishing.

This month, save 40% on Rhodium plating at Gold Definitions.  Change the look of your yellow gold jewelry or restore the brilliance of your white gold jewelry with rhodium plating and save 40%!