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40% Off Prong Repair

While you sleep, the delicate prongs on your rings rub against your sheets.  Over time, the prongs wear thin and you could lose your stone.  Make sure you remove your rings before bedtime.

Prongs are the tiny metal bands that hold your diamond or other gemstone in place.  The three or more bands create a basket-like base and then the prongs are bent over so they fit snugly against the stone and hold it firmly in place.

Over time, the prongs wear thin and brittle because of exposure to chlorine (and other chemicals) as well as by simply rubbing against your sheets while you sleep.  

The most obvious danger when one or more of your prongs fail is the loss of your gemstone.  

Prongs can also break off because they get caught on gloves, sweaters even hair.  Eventually, lifted prongs will bend back and snap off.

The rule of thumb is to get the prongs on your jewelry cleaned and inspected every 6 months.  This will make sure that the prongs haven’t become lifted and raised above the stones or worn thin.

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