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Jewelry Services - Cleaning, Repair & Appraisal

Jewelry Repair and Custom JewelryJewelry Repair Services

  • Build your own mothers rings and special colored stone creations
  • We specialize in educating customers about jewelry maintenance and creations
  • Build wedding sets and sentimental jewelry pieces for all occasions

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GIA Jewelry Appraisal Services

  • We deliver your jewelry items directly to GIA (North American Gemological lab) in Bellevue once a week and pick up 1 week later
  • Jewelry appraisals run 100.00 with center stones up to 1.99ct and is a full description in detail with plots. 
  • Jewelry brief accepted by most insurance companies are mildly detailed suited for colored stone jewelry and watches etc. cost is 75.00 and "blue cards” are a credit card size description of the article with authenticity assurance that serves best for the resale for a secondary owner. cost is 75.00
  • Laser inscription is available for stone you would like to have personalized - Cost is 65.00 for loose diamonds and 75.00 for mounted diamonds. Our staff is knowledgeable in assisting a verbal value as a curiosity.

Jewelry Sales

  • Many of our items are estate pieces that are sold at a discounted price. They still maintain a 6 month warranty as does new jewelry.
  • Our jewelry is inspected and warranted for quality
  • All maintenance such as sizing and prong repair etc. ½ off repair prices for as long as the original owner posses it.
  • Loose stones, diamonds, gold, silver and platinum are some of the things you will find at a great price

Best Prices Paid for Gold Scrap

  • We buy scrap gold! Our gold purchase program is very competitive and we are proud to say we pay above what most places will offer. Quotes are always free.