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Custom Jewelry Design

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own jewelry?  Well, now you can, with our innovative new jewelry design system.

Browse styles and customize it into something you love.  You are the designer.  You have creative control and can personalize it to express your own unique style. You can even bring in the gems and jewelry you don’t wear anymore and turn them into something unique using our cutting-edge jewelry design system.

Our new design system, gives you the ability to express your own unique style.  When you’re satisfied with your design, your jewelry is custom made and delivered.

Stop by for a free design session and I’ll show you how it works. 

How It Works

Custom Jewelry Design Demo

Start by picking from hundreds of our preset designs and then start customizing from there. Our system will create a 3D visual representation of your design using the stone of your choice. 

Custom Jewelry Design Demo

Once you have the design just right, we order your custom piece right then and there. In a short time, the real thing is custom made and delivered. Come by the store for a free design session and we’ll work with you to create the ring of your dreams! 

Custom Jewelry Design Demo  Contact Us to Schedule Your Design Session